Heritage Collection

Dickies, in collaboration with historians and old seamstresses, have reproduced a number of designs from Dickies' earliest collections. The old styles have been brought to life with the greatest care, e.g. the collection is only made by old former seamstresses who use original production equipment. Everything is produced from American materials, sewn at Dickies' factory in Fort Worth Texas. The quantities produced are extremely limited and reflect an almost forgotten craft where care and thoroughness were more important than speed and profit maximization. The materials are from American weavers, among others, White Oak denim fabric from Cone Denim Mills Est. 1891, woven on old "Draper X3 fly shuttle looms" from the 40's. The only thing that differs from the original designs is the fit. It has been slightly adjusted for a more modern look. The Dickies 1922 Heritage Collection combines old craft traditions with the modern look, providing a range of styles of extremely high quality and incomparable charm.